Lucky Lottery Numbers Based On Birthday

Lucky Lottery Numbers Based On Birthday

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Lucky Lottery Numbers Based On Birthday

Lucky Lottery Numbers Based On Birthday or lottery prediction astrology is a type of astro remedies to win lottery. For more better result you can use our lal kitab remedies for lottery winning.

Lucky Lottery Numbers Based On Birthday

Lucky Lottery Numbers Based On Birthday

You can win a lottery if your timing and number are right. If you know your lucky numbers, you can undoubtedly win. Besides, they will have a positive impact on your life.

As Such, You Can Follow These Ways;

  • You can use numerology to predict the number of the winning ticket. It will use your date of birth and calculate accordingly. They will, hence, draw the result in your favor. You should target those numbers which match your lucky numbers. Again, you should buy the tickets on your lucky days. Also, you should wait patiently for the draw dates. Now, you can quickly know your lucky draw in the lottery.
  • Again, astrology can determine your winning streak in the lotto you play. It is based on your birthday. Hence, you should use it appropriately. You can pick such do it yourself options to calculate. They are comfortable, quick and convenient. Also, your timed birth chart will consider your rising sign. It will also take care of the sign of the cusp of the 5th Hence, you should get your birth chart immediately if you don’t have one.
  • Furthermore, your zodiac star signs can help you choose your lucky lotto number. When your sign informs you of your lucky cycle, you can play your lotto numbers. You should also generate a sequence that should resonate with you.

Therefore, you can try your luck in winning a lottery with lucky lottery numbers based on birthday.

Astro Remedies To Win Lottery

Astro remedies to win the lottery are super useful. Besides, they will have positive vibrations throughout your life.

In This Regard, Consider These Remedies;

  • You can use Lakshmi and Kuber mantra to win the lottery. Do it at the 1st hour of the day. Place coconut on a red cloth. Light a lamp and incense. Also, offer them some flowers. Now, recite the mantra 11 times. You can use a coral rosary. After that, keep the cloth in your pocket. You can also wear a coral rosary. On winning throw the coconut in water.
  • Moreover, you should analyze your birth horoscope. Ensure that the 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th, and 11th houses are in proper dignity. Benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury should occupy them. Even the lords of the house should be well-placed.
  • Again, apply sindoor on five flowers. Now, place a small jaggery piece beside them. Then, loudly chant Shabar mantra for 27 times. Simultaneously look at the flowers. Also, focus on your desired outcome. After that, immerse the flowers and the jaggery in water.
  • At first, pray for your intended result. Then, write Bagalamukhiyantra mantra on a bhojpatra. Do it on a Tuesday and with ashwagandha. Also, offer incense and 250 gmkheer. Later, feed it to the mice. It draws its power from Mars to help you succeed in the lottery. Finally, wear the yantra as a kabaj on your right arm.

Therefore, you can use astro remedies to win the lottery.

Lottery Prediction Astrology

Lottery prediction astrology will surprise you with its amazing results. That is why you should have a thorough observation of your birth horoscope.

As Such, Learn These Facts;

  • When good planets like Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury occupy your 5th house you will earn money from speculation such as lottery, shares, and stock. Again, when your 2nd, 8th, and 11th houses positively connect to your 5th house you will win a lotto. Moreover, Ketu and Mercury can help you succeed if they are in your 11th house without afflictions. However, if your 12th house connects to malefic planets you will lose all your money.
  • You can also predict your winning through your birthdate. The ancient wisdom of numerology will calculate your lucky number and lucky days. Consequently, you can buy tickets and win a lottery. Hence, you should take advantage of its powerful and positive energy.
  • Again, at the 1st auspicious hour of the day, take a bath and wear red clothes. Now, place a coconut on a red cloth. Also, light a lamp and incense. Offer some fresh flowers. Now, chant Lakshmi or Kuber mantra loudly for 11 times with a coral rosary. Later on, wear the rosary and keep the cloth in your pocket. Next, go to a lottery shop and buy your ticket, finally, after winning throw the coconut and the flowers in a river.

Thus, with lottery prediction astrology, you can confirm your winning. You can also improve your financial condition.

Lal Kitab Remedies For Lottery Winning

Lal kitab Remedies for lottery winning are sustainable and comfortable. Hence, you should try them to ensure your success in gambling.

Therefore, Learn These Remedies;

  • This unusual remedy includes a crow’s feather. However, ensure that it has naturally fallen on the ground. First wrap it in cotton and apply sindur. Also, keep it in a box. It will act as money attracting charm in your house. Use its pointed end to calculate your winning number. Also, use saffron paste to write the number.
  • Again, when the moon is in your 5th house and aspected by Venus, it indicates sudden gain from lottery. Still, when the lords of the 6th and 11th houses together occupy your 11th house you will win. Also, the 6th and 9th house lords should combine in your 11th Moreover, the benefic planets occupy your 5th and 8th houses to give you unexpected gains.
  • At first, pray for your victory. Then, write down Bagalamukhiyantra mantra on a bhojpatra. Do it with ashwagandha on a Tuesday. Also, light some incense and offer 250 gms of kheer. Later feed it to the mice. Finally, wear it on your right arm as kabaj. It is a powerful mantra drawing energy from Mars.
  • Again, apply sindur on five flowers. Then, place a small jaggery piece beside them. Now, chant a Hindu mantra loudly for 27 times. Afterward, immerse them in flowing water.

Thus, you should undoubtedly benefit from lal kitab remedies for lottery winning.